Research Networking Event with Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Science

15 June




Professor Ming-sho Ho: Supporting International Democracy in Taiwan: From the Tiananmen Incident to the Ukrainian War


Presentation I: China and globalisation

Dr Tak-wai Hung: From Malacca to Formosa: Privacy, oversea Chinese, and globalisation before 1684

Dr I-chang Kuo: Manufacturing compromise: Labour process analysis of a Chinese refinery site in Papua New Guinea

Discussant: Yang Han

16 June




Presentation II: Art and literatures

Dr Ying Chang: Turning point: The transition from Shanghai-Style to Beijing-Style in the development of Peking opera in post-war Taiwan

Dr Hsin-i Chu: Shuttle heterotopia: The "weapon" imagination and "technology" governance in late Qing dynasty war novels

Dr Yi-jo Angel Hsieh: The dream-image and techniques of the screen in Chung-hsien Yan’s Formosa Grand Hotel

Discussant: Dr Min-erh Wang


Presentation III: Philosophy

Dr Yi-jung Chen: Moral reasons and the reasons from the meaning in life

Jing-zhi Chen: Relationship-dependent reasons as reasons to live: The asymmetry problem


Coffee/tea break (In Wordsworth Tea Room)


Presentation IV: Language and education

Dr Chien-han Hsiao: The usage, perception, and typology of Mandarin-Taiwanese code-switching

Shuo-fang Liang: The effects of English connected speech processes on adult Mandarin-speaking learners’ L2 speech perception

Presentation V: Indigenous people

Dr Su-yon Lee: Translating an island: Postcolonial thinking in Syaman Rapongan’s Lanyu writing

Rachael Chan: The staging of indigeneity in Taiwan as a geopolitical strategy

Presentation VI: Environment

Dr Yu-kai Liao: Midas Touch: The marketisation of electronic waste in Taiwan

Raffaele Ippolito: Beyond use: Lay critiques of neoliberal scientific epistemologies for environmental advocacy